sound insulation testing guide

the no.1 resource for passing the Building Regulations requirements aims to help you prepare for sound insulation testing in order to ensure a pass when the tests are undertaken.

Whether a new-build or a conversion, it is now a requirement of Building Regulations that you, as a developer, provide adequate sound insulation between dwellings and demonstrate compliance through testing. Approved Document E - Resistance to the passage of sound (2003 edition) sets standard performance requirements to be met for residential developments.

Simple steps can be taken to drastically improve the acoustic performance of a party wall or floor and avoid noise complaints between future occupiers.

Acoustic products are not hugely expensive due to market competition and really do make a noticeable difference in terms of achieving the requirements.

To get a better insight into the current buidling regulations and requirements, the first step you should take is to read the sound testing explained section.

Feel free to explore our other sections giving you general guidance on construction providing adequate insulation for the sound test. Of course, if you require more details specific to your project or even a site visit, we recommend you contact an acoustic consultant who may also undertake testing at the pre-completion stage (i.e. when the development is nearly complete).


Sound Testing